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Why is it called Product Swap S’More?  Well, because after you see all the great products reviewed, you’ll definitely want S’MORE great reviews on other products!  And, this is not the only product review going on!  You can see S’MORE great product reviews by my bloggy pals by clicking on the little blue froggy at the end of this post.  Get it?

smoore product swap

For my first product review, I picked the fabulous, funky, tie-dyed 70s-inspired unit “Peace on Earth” by Merinda Nunez Powell, also known as Pirate Girl.  I picked this unit because we started a bullying prevention program in our school after Christmas, and we have weekly meetings to learn about bullying, responding to bullying, and alternative ways to settle differences.  This unit, with it’s Biblical-based teachings about Peace, was a perfect fit into those weekly meetings.

peace on earth 1_01

Look at all the fabulous activities you get in this comprehensive packet!

peace on earth 1_03

I used the first activity cold-turkey, just to get an idea of what the children thought “peace” meant.  I displayed this poster

peace poster

We read it together, and then I passed out the writing and illustrating activity ”

What is peace 1

It is being friendly to other people.

What is peace 2

What is peace? I say that peace is the peaceful resolution.

what is peace 3

It is silence and calm.

I was pleasantly surprised at the prior knowledge the kids displayed in their writings about what peace is.  Then we took a look at Bible verses that refer to peace to get a better understanding peace.  We discussed the various verses using the task cards that Merinda includes in her packet.

peace on earth 1_21

There are 9 total bible verse/picture match up task cards.

The next group meeting, we read the beautiful storybook from the hymn “Let There be Peace on Earth.”

peace on earth cover

The book includes the first verse of the beautiful hymn “Let There be Peace on Earth.”

reading book

Two of my angels getting inspiration from the book for their own illustrations.

full idsplay w catholic social

The peace booklets and the “What is Peace” writings, along with the Key Verse poster became a bulletin board display to go along with our Catholic Social Teachings poster.

In the next meeting, we reviewed everything we learned about peace and tied it into bullying prevention by making a plan of action, what “I can do to promote Peace.”  Again, the children had some really good ideas of what they could do to promote peace, and their reflections showed that they understand that peace begins with them and the best way to promote peace is to treat other people kindly, help other people, stick up for other people, and generally to live the way Jesus taught us to live.  Some of the kids mentioned praying for leaders of countries to work together and stop fighting as well.  We took all their writings and combined them into a class booklet for our library area.

promote peace 2

helping other people and take care of people and don’t leave anyone out of a game. Yeah, Jesus said that, too.  Really, He did!

finished peace book

Our finished class booklet.

Included in this packet are also a peace word search, peace bookmarks, a peace and love page to color, and a section that covers names of God that include the word “peace.”

As I said, this is a complete package.  It would be awesome for Christian, Catholic, CCD, and Sunday School teachers.  Public school teachers would even be able to use parts of it as a morals-based or character education lesson.  It is well worth the $4.50 because you will get so many weeks of use out of it!

Now comes the fun part.  Merinda has graciously said I can give away one copy of this unit for free .  Unfortunately, my free site will not allow me to post a rafflecopter (grr),  so I have to do this another way.

If you leave a comment on my blog, that will be  your number.  At the end of the giveaway, I will use a random number generator (my daughter) to give me a number, and that person will be the winner!!  You can start leaving comments on Sunday, April 7, and I will pick a winner at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 13.

Although I can’t require it (no rafflecopter — grr), Merinda and I sure would appreciate if you would follow our blogs and/or TPT stores.

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Good luck!

(Don’t forget to check out the other product reviews by clicking on the blue frog face.)


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