Grateful for the Little Things

Today is the Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisiuex.  You may not know much about her, but she entered the convent at age 15 in the late 1800s.  She dreamed of being a missionary, but she was too tiny and sickly to travel.  So she decided that she would do simple, everyday things to the best of her ability, and offer them to Jesus as a prayer.  She died at age 24.

As I looked around my classroom today, I found so many little things to celebrate.  First, there were 16 little faces looking at me, wondering what we were going to do next.   Then there was the awesome job the children did on their Johnny Appleseed collaborative book.  Wow, I”ve never had a class do such a nice job illustrating the words!  In honor of St. Therese, and the little things in my classroom I’m grateful for, I’m giving you my Johnny Appleseed Unit as a freebie. Put it away for next year!  Click on this link, Johhny Appleseed Unit to download it.

I hope you find many little things to be grateful for each day as well.


A Good Day to Sart

I decided yesterday would be a good day to start my blog adventure since we were having a fun day at school. We celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day with so many fun activities!

First we cut up apples using plastic knives.  Everyone helped!

Next, we put all the apples into the crockpot and let them cook for 27 hours on warm!  We finally got to taste it today after lunch.  Most of the children loved it; a few didn’t like it at all!

We also played an addition math game with the apple seeds. 

It was a lot of fun for the kids, and a nice break from the usual routine for all of us.

In the afternoon, we had parent helpers come in and we did four different stations that revolved around apples!  The favorite was the apple product tasting station.  If you’re looking for a good place to start your Johnny Appleseed day, you can check out my unit here.