Pennsylvania Fun Facts for Kids

I’m very excited about my new unit, Pennsylvania Fun Facts for Kids, because it’s the first time I’ve really ventured beyond my comfort zone of first grade products.

This eSource covers a range of grade levels, from 1st through 4th.  Some of the simpler concepts, such as states that border PA can be completed by first graders with the aid of a map, up to 4th graders as a quick quiz.  It also delves into the five regions of PA and the basic landform and traits that define each region.  It includes mapping activities and some fun language arts word building integration

The booklet, which my first graders illustrated as part of our Gingerbread exchange project, gives information about state symbols and background about the why Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State, and briefly discusses the typical weather in Pennsylvania.

Here’s the fun part for you!  As a thank-you for following my blog, I’m putting the border states page for you free on my blog.  You can get it by clicking on the picture below.


Have a great Monday!

Music Activites for Multiple Intelligences – Teaching Dolch Words through Song

Music Activites for Multiple Intelligences – Teaching Dolch Words through Song

Browsing through TPT this morning, I came across this free item The product is  3rd Grade Dolch Sight Words Songs.  It’s a cute little song that just goes through the Dolch sight words as it projects them on the screen. … Continue reading

Preparing for January

I hope of you have had a peaceful and restful winter break so far.  We had an excellent Christmas and are now enjoying the lull between Christmas and New Year’s with lots of sleeping in, visiting family, and of course, shopping!  Those gift cards don’t spend themselves,  you know? 

In between all the fun, I’ve been thinking about teaching in January.  I’ve developed 4 new eSources (my newly coined name for my digital resources; how do you like it?)  Funny story about eSources — it started out as a typo when I left the “r” off  “resource.”  I looked at it and thought, esource, huh.  Let’s spell it eSource and it makes sense.

Anyways, back to my eSources.  Two are winter math games including adding, subtracting, and place value, January Roll and Cover with Mike the Moose


and Penguin Push


I also added a long and short O sorting activity to complement my other long and short vowel sorting packets, Short I and Short E.  The remaining vowels will be added — someday.


And finally, I added a Martin Luther King integrated Esource packet.


Feel free to click on any picture above to visit my TPT store and explore these products further.

Finally, I have a quick and easy MLK freebie for you.  It’s a dove of peace made out of paper plates.  I’ve been doing this activity along with MLK for years in my classroom.  It makes a nice wall dsiplay when I pair it with the children’s writings on what they think would make the world a better place today.


If you click on the picture, it will take you to a page with the PDF on it.  Open the PDF for directions and a step-by-step pictorial tutorial for you.

Enjoy and have a very Happy New Year!

A Huge Giveaway!

Just a quick post today between another busy Saturday full of activities to let you know about another giveaway I’m taking part in. 

My TeachersPayTeachers colleague, Wendy, is have a 200 follower giveaway!  Congratulations to Wendy on reaching that milestone!  You can go to her blog, Teacher’s Toolkit, to enter. Just click on the button below to enter the one, two, three, four, or five of five giveaways she has organized. 

Election Day in USA is quickly approaching.  If you’re still lookig for a way to teach your children about the process, consider my election unit at TeacherpayTeachers.   You can see the resource here.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.  We will be trick-or-Treating tonight since Sandy blew into town and postponed our Halloween.  Today I’m thankful that we are able to trick-or-treat today.  I imagine there are many children in New York and New Jersey who will not get to trick-or-treat this year.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Just a quick post today, between majorette practice, cleaning the house, covering the pool (finally!), and buying my rapidly growing daughter new clothes(always a chore because she’s soooooo picky), to share some great teaching links with you.  First, if you’re looking for a really cute one or two day election unit that covers language arts, math, writing, social studies, and includes a craft, I’ve got the perfect unit for you!  “It’s Election Day” is now available.  I plan on using this unit on the Monday before and the Tuesday of Election Day.  It’s going to be so much fun!  And to make it even better, the election unit, as well as all my products, are on sale for 10% off until Tuesday.

As always, I like to include a freebie for my blog followers, so here it is, the “If I were President” craft, good for Election Day or President’s Day.  Since parent conferences are right after Election Day at our school, I plan on making these during my election unit and hanging them in the hall for conference time. I hope you find it useful.

Next, be sure to visit “An Educator’s Life” blog to get some fab-u-lous FREEBIES.  There are 45 freebies posted!


And still more freebies, this one from Teaching and Developing Online.  Click here for some great freebies.

Enjoy your Saturday, Everyone!