Teacher Appreciation Sale and a Special Deal for Blog and Facebook Friends!


By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the BIG two-day Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation sale going on May 7 and 8.  Everything will be on sale 20 percent off in my store, and if you use code TAD13 at check out, you will get an extra 10 percent off for a total of 28% off!

As a special thank you to my blog and Facebook followers, I have a special deal for you!  If you purchase two items from my store, I will send you the google docs link to download my newest item “Intonation –  Whoooo Can Read the Way They Talk?”  It’s a cute one or two day mini lesson about paying attention to punctuation when we read and reading the way we talk, which is not like robots!  Here’s the preview of the resource.

Whoooo Can demo

Whoooo Can demo 2

All you have to do to claim your special deal is purchase two items from my store, email me at practicemakesperfect1286@gmail.com with your TPT user name, and I will verify your purchase and send you the link to Google Docs to download your free item!

Remember, I will be at work tomorrow and Wednesday and won’t be able to send out the link until after 4:00 PM each day!

Happy shopping, everyone!


Cyber Monday Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers

Can I just say how excited I am about TpT’s Cyber Monday Sale?  Not only as a seller, but also as a buyer.  I’ve been adding to my wishlist and plan on getting some great bargains, up to 28% off, on those iteams.  If you click on the below picture, it will take you to Mercedes’ blog, Surfing to Success, where you can see a list of many of the sellers who have linked up to take part in this great savings opportunity!  Thank you Mercedes!

Be sure to check out my store, Practice Makes Perfect.  Click on the picture to claim your freebie for visiting my blog, and check out my other resources as well!My whole store will be on sale, every item, at the maximum amount of 28% off.  You’ll get awesome teaching resources at a great price!

You can also check out Charlotte’s blog, Charlotte’s Clips and Kindergarten Kids, for a list of free items that sellers are offering.  Be sure to view their other items and see what you might like to add to your cart for Cyber Monday.

Happy Shopping!